How to Use Positive Affirmations to Change Yourself

Positive affirmations are self-talk designed to reprogram your subconscious and boost your vibration frequency. It might seem strange to do but think about the fact that you probably currently use negative self-talk all the time. 

How many times have you done something and called yourself stupid or looked in the mirror and allowed negative thoughts coming to mind? Probably more than you even realize. Negative self-talk affects your confidence, lowers your good vibrations, and places the focus of your life on the wrong things. 

To change yourself, you can use positive affirmations about any issue you want to change. To use positive affirmations to change yourself, you’ll want to read the following tips.

Identify Negative Self-Talk Habits

This may take about a week, but before you start using positive affirmations, you’ll want to be more mindful about when and how you’re using negative self-talk. Get a small notebook that you can keep with you to write down the negative self-talk you are using now. 

Create Positive Affirmations from Negative Self-Talk

After you write down those negative things, organize them into categories so that you can work on each area over time. For example, if when you are getting ready in the morning, you negatively attack your looks, you’ll want to tie that to self-esteem. Then create positive affirmations that will raise your self-esteem. “I’m a normal healthy weight and my skin is clear and beautiful.” Even if you have problems, when you do this, you’ll likely make better choices during the day, not to ruin your good health and your skin. 

Write Your Affirmations Down 

Once you create the positive affirmations from your negative self-talk, you should write them down. Write your affirmations on small slips of paper and put them in a jar. Grab one when you need it. Write them on pretty note cards and stick them where you need to see them. For example, you can put one of your affirmations right on the bathroom mirror, or directly on your door so you see it as you’re leaving. 

Set Times to Using Your Affirmations

Once you’ve created your affirmations, you can start using them. Use them at the same time you usually used the negative self-talk in place of that negativity. At first, it’s going to feel a little weird, but you’ll develop a habit. Right now, just do it by rote, and eventually, it’ll feel more natural. 

State Your Affirmations Aloud

When you are stating your affirmations in private, say them aloud. When you state them aloud, you hear them with your ears and that is a different form of memory than writing them and reading them. As you listen to it, you’ll begin to believe it over time, as you should. 

Check Your Progress Periodically

As you practice using positive affirmations to change yourself, write in your journal periodically to state how you’re doing with stopping negative self-talk and using positive affirmations instead. Also, if you’ve been working on a goal, record your progress. 

Practicing positive affirmations will change you in ways that you may not even realize today. Studies show that children who experience more positivity from parents (less no’s and more yeses) tend to have more self-confidence and self-esteem. The same thing will happen to you when you use positive affirmations to change yourself.