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Posts for Month: August 2020

Work Smarter: Avoid Multitasking

Many people think that burning the candle at both ends means that they’re a productive person. But the truth is, being productive has nothing to do with being busy. Being productive means that you get things done that impact the goals that you have set for yourself, whether it’s your personal life or business life. One of the biggest killers in our society of productivity is multitasking. If you really want to work smarter, avoid multitasking.

    • Eliminate Distractions – Whether it’s junk piled up around the house, or your desk is cluttered at work, or that television blazing ...

How to Set Healthy Boundaries

One of the best ways to take control of your life, get more done, and be happier is to know what you want and how to get it. Setting boundaries in life is one of the ways that you can experience more success because you’re stopping things from getting in your way by claiming what you want. 

    • Know Yourself – Before you can make decisions about anything in life, you need to know who you are, what your morals, principles, and ideals are about life. Plus, you need to have an idea of how to achieve what you ...

How to Motivate People

When you want to be a leader, you must develop the ability to motivate others. To encourage others means that you encourage or spur them to act in a certain way, based on their desires and needs. To do this consistently, you need to honestly know what their goals are, what they want, what they need, and precisely what the desired results are as well as their value systems. 

    • Be an Example – People like to copy what they see. If you are positive, energetic, and passionate, they will be too. Whatever emotions and feelings that you want ...

How to Live Your Life with Intention

Many people seem to live without having any idea what they’re doing to do from one day to the next. They just let life happen and wind up wherever they wind up. However, this is a very stressful way to live. You can instead create a life of intention, much like when you plan a cross country trip, that even if you have a few interactions and off-road adventures, you’ll still end up in the destination you expected and hoped for. 

Accept That You Always Have Choices 

Even if you don’t like the choices before you, you still have them. Anytime you ...

How to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Just like using your body will result in better muscle tone and health, so will using your mind. Keeping a sharp mind over a lifetime requires that you find new ways to use your mind so that you can light up new pathways, as well as take care of it properly in the first place so that it can work the way you need it to.

Keep Moving 

It’s not enough to just go to work and come home even if you have a physical job. It’s essential that you add at least 150 minutes of moderately hard movement, like walking fast ...

10 Ways to Develop Your Self Control

Self-control is exhibited when you demonstrate control over your emotions, desires, and actions or expressions of those emotions and desires. 

So, while you may feel like screaming and throwing yourself on the floor when someone cuts in front of you, you don’t. Certain people make you want to punch them in the face, but you don’t. You don’t do these things because you have self-control. 

There are other times you need to practice self-control that isn’t as obvious such as getting up and going to work each day by drinking 64 ounces of water to stay hydrated or by not stuffing an ...

10 Tips to Improve Your Memory

Even if you think you have a good memory today, it’s one of those things that if you don’t put it to use, it does stop working. We are very dependent on our devices now to the point that most of us cannot remember our own phone numbers, but that doesn’t have to be the case if you know what to do. These ten tips will help you improve your memory. 

    1. Eat a Healthy Diet – What constitutes a healthy diet isn’t as hard as people make it. Eat enough calories for your body type, eat a wide ...

10 Tips for Staying Focused During Difficult Times

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes the difficulty is personal in nature, and sometimes it’s environmental. Divorces, deaths, and many things happen in life, including storms, illness, and more that we have no real control over. Whenever something disturbing happens or something 

    1. Give Yourself a Break – Take a deep breath and just give yourself a break. You’re allowed to have bad days and feel like crap. It’s okay to take some time to wallow in your concerns or your issues. It’s good to feel the emotions you feel and let them all out so that ...