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Posts for Month: December 2019

How to Communicate Better Online

One of the most important skills you can learn is how to communicate. Sometimes it seems like the more tools available for communicating, the worse we get at it. Even when people speak the same apparent language, there are often huge misunderstandings that happen, especially when communicating online. 

Choose the Right Tools

When you know who you need to communicate with, you should also have an idea of the type of medium you need to use to deliver the message. You may want to use email, social media, chat, text, conference software or something else entirely. 

Know Your Goal

What is the point of ...

What Does it Mean to be Effective?

If you are an effective person, that means that when you set out to do something it gets done, and it gets done right. If you say you’re going to increase sales by 10 percent, you set up a plan and do it. If you say you’re going to lose a pound a month, you set up the procedures in a logical order and then you do them. It’s that easy. 

    • You’re Proactive – Being proactive means that you see roadblocks and opportunities in advance, and you plan for them. When you set goals, you know that roadblocks ...

Traits of an Attitude of Abundance

Having an abundance mindset for some people is not that easy. Most people are trained their whole life in the idea of scarcity. We learn about scarcity from our early days in school regarding natural resources, food, and money. The thing is, while that might seem true, the opposite is true if you just know what to do to make it so. 

Ability to Engage in Big Picture Thinking 

Setting audacious goals for your life, whether for work, business, or personal, is a key trait for those with abundant mindsets. They know how to break down the big hairy goal into small ...

The Most Important Key to Self-Reliance

If you look up self-reliance in the dictionary, it will tell you that it means that you can follow your own capabilities, judgment, or resources in order to be independent. To do that you’ll need to learn to accept responsibility for everything you do without depending on what someone else says, does or thinks.

    • Solutions Over Problems – A person who is self-reliant will look for solutions to any problems instead of focusing only on problems. Where most people see just complications, they see solutions. 

    • Don’t Blame Others – If you want to be self-reliant, you ...

Characteristics of a Great Leader

To be a great leader, it’s imperative that you understand that not all leaders, famous or not, are “great.” Some of them are not good people. To be a leader who is remembered for good, try to match these characteristics of a great leader by building that skill for yourself. 

    • Full of Integrity – While there are leaders who are not honest, transparent or any of this, they are not great leaders. Dictators, while talented at getting their followers to follow orders, is not someone who should be a leader. True leaders are honest, forthright, and make choices ...

Building Trust with Someone Who Hurt You

You may be shocked to learn that people make mistakes. Humans are inherently flawed creatures. Some things are worse than others, but for the most part mistakes that hurt people are not done on purpose. Forgiveness can happen, and trust can be rebuilt if both parties want it to happen. 

    • Forgive Them – The only possible way to ever rebuild the trust you had is to forgive them truly. Remember that most of the time forgiveness is something you give yourself and not someone else. However, if you’re going to rebuild trust you have to verbally talk to ...

8 Tips to Be More Honest with Everyone

Dishonesty comes in many forms from hiding emotions, to little white lies, to more serious infractions such as hiding addictions or fraud. If you want to be a more honest person with everyone, it all starts with you. 

    1. Start with Yourself – Most lies start inside. You tell yourself that you’re only eating one serving as you shove another on the plate. It might even be more serious than that, but it always starts with lying to yourself before it moves on to lying to everyone. 

    2. Stop Doing Anything That Makes You Tell Lies – If ...

Creating Your Own Affirmations That Build Confidence

One proven technique for building your confidence is to practice daily affirmations. An affirmation is merely making a statement to the universe about what you expect to happen positively. Using the declaration allows you to set your mind to make positive changes and perform better at work, at home, and everywhere.

You can look up affirmations online that have already been creating and use them, or you can learn to create your own affirmations that build confidence. 

To create your own confidence-building affirmations, which are just positive statements, understand how you’ll use them by devoting time throughout your day to repeat them ...