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Posts for Month: April 2020

Working Through Fear: Ending Success Roadblocks

Some people fear failure, and others fear success. That might seem nuts to fear success, but success brings responsibility, and some people are afraid of that too. If you really want to be more successful it’s time to work through your fear. 

Signs of Fear of Success

If you fear success, there is a chance that you actively avoid success. You don’t make goals, remember deadlines, or aren’t self-motivated, or often second-guess yourself. Making decisions is difficult for someone who is acting in fear.

In fact, fear of success is so intense in some people that it seems disaster strikes them anytime they’re ...

What Do Your Dreams Tell You?

While dream interpretation is often met with curiosity, it’s also seen as junk science. However, even if one interpretation of a dream may be conjecture and opinion, the fact is – dreams do mean something, and they can give you information that you need to create a successful and happy life. 

If You’re Mentally Healthy 

Many people report more dreams when everything isn’t going well mentally and emotionally. If you’re having a challenging time in life, that is going to show up in your dreams even if you’re not consciously aware of the stress you’re under. 

For example, a common dream reported during ...

10 Ways to Sleep Better Every Night

Sleeping well every night is essential to your success. When you sleep better, you tend to be a healthier weight, have less anxiety, and it increases your ability to meet your obligations in life – plus of course have some fun too. 

    1. Eat Right – Try to eat enough nutritious foods during the day. Avoid any type of digestive issues before bedtime, to help you get to sleep each night without having to get up to use the restroom. 

    2. Exercise – Every day walk or do a form of exercise for at least 20 to 45 ...

7 Ways to Develop a Wealthy Mindset

When studying people, one thing that becomes clear is that if you were born into a middle or lower-middle-class family that had struggles making ends meet you will have a far different mindset, as compared to wealthier counterparts. 

People can have different mindsets even if they had the same amount of money, but if the perception was that they had means, they acted differently than people who did not think they had means.

Define What Wealth Means to You

It’s crucial for you to define what this means for you. How much money do you need to earn to feel wealthy or to ...

Ways to Control Unwanted Emotions

Being at the mercy of your emotions can cause a lot of otherwise capable people to lose control of themselves. Not controlling your emotions can cause you to send the wrong message to people you are communicating with and even make people lose faith in you. Controlling your emotions doesn’t mean stuffing them and ignoring them, but it means overcoming the emotions to ensure that you make good choices.

Acknowledge Your Emotions

When your emotions are triggered, don’t stuff it down. Instead, feel the emotion and name it. If you are with someone this may affect, try to take a break so ...

Learning Strategies for Mastering New Skills

Technology is advancing at unprecedented levels, and it’s only going to get faster. According to Moore’s Law all technological changes occur faster and faster doubling approximately every 18 months. Because of this fact, if you want to keep up in the world, continuously seek to master new skills. 

If you want to master a new skill, it’s imperative first to ask and answer a few questions: 

Are You Really Ready?

Do you have the right background to learn a new skill? For example, if you want to author a novel, what do need to add to your skillset? There are many processes to ...

How to Increase Your Ability to Concentrate

Being able to focus your attention on a single task through to its completion is essential. This ability helps you avoid mistakes and achieve more in your life. Studies show that when you focus your attention on one thing at a time you solve more problems, experience more success, and work more efficiently. 

Exercise More 

If you need to concentrate more effectively, exercise more often. Exercise improves your overall health and supplies more oxygen, as well as endorphins to your brain, which ultimately helps you focus on the task at hand.  

Eat Right 

Another aspect of good health is your diet. Find out ...

How Are Ethics and Morality Related?

Most people believe that there is no difference between ethics and morality. But the truth is, one is defined by someone else, and one is defined by you and is based on your internal belief system. 

Groups, Communities, and Organizations Define Ethics

Your ethics are often guided by what is deemed as ethical within your social environment. Your morals are intrinsically based on your internal ideas of right and wrong. Sometimes they’re the same, but sometimes they’re not.

Your ethics are often rooted in your culture and family background. Your morals define how your behavior will manifest. Ethics tend to be more fluid ...