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Posts for Month: March 2020

The Keys to Teamwork Regardless of What Type of Team

Whether you’re helping your family create their mission, or you’re coaching your soccer team, or you’re a team leader at work dealing with teams and building effective teamwork is essential to success in life. No one is self-made, and everyone works with others in one way or another. 

Create a Common Purpose and Vision 

If you’re a family creating a family mission statement is invaluable in helping move everyone to the same page. It creates a united front that every member can get behind. Plus, the mission statement also serves as a guide to follow when making decisions on a value or ...

Steps to Unleashing Your Creativity

Being creative is about being innovative in a way that is original and effective for generating the result you desire. Most people think of creativity in terms of art, but you can be creative in every part of your life because all it requires is that you work toward solving problems in a unique way. 

    1. Set Up Your Environment for Creativity – You need to know how you work best but also inform yourself about the science of creativity. Most people can be more creative if they are in a comfortable, safe environment that is void of distractions. ...

How Words Affect Your Whole Life

From the time you can hear words formed, even before you know what they mean, your mind can differentiate between negativity and positivity. Part of that is due to the way we say negative words versus the way we say words that are positive in nature. What is clear about these words is that negative words can affect your whole life in a bad way.

Acknowledge the Past

If you’ve experienced or spoken a lot of negative words in your lifetime, it’s possible that today, you have issues that are still affecting you today. Childhood is very powerful and can affect your ...

How Can You Become a Good Mentor?

When you agree to become a mentor to someone, you’re agreeing to advise them in the thing you’ve already done and are an expert on. For example, you can mentor someone new at work, a student training in your field, a friend through weight loss, and others. The idea is to help them make good choices based on their stated goals. It can be personal or work-related. 

Establish Expectations

When you first start working with someone as their mentor, it’s best to be as formal about setting up the expectations and rules as you can. That way the time you spend mentoring ...

10 Tips for Improving Your Work-Life Balance

Defining a work-life balance is something you must do for yourself. Keep in mind that balance will look different to you than to someone else. Regardless of how you define balance the best way to ensure you get what you want is to plan for it.

    1. Plan and Schedule Everything – Create realistic plans that have steps that you can schedule in your calendar. Don’t just schedule work-related events, schedule everything from dinner with your love to game night with your kids. In fact, schedule the things you want to do first, then schedule work around it when ...

9 Effective Ways to Boost Wisdom

Wisdom comes from experience and allows you to have the right insight or judgment to make better choices and decisions that help you meet your life’s goals and objectives. You can boost your wisdom by taking decisive action toward educating yourself about the world and about your own mind. 

Travel More

There is nothing as useful as traveling the world to find out how small your frame of reference is about life. For many people who travel, they’re shocked at how much beautify there is in the world both in nature and in technology. 

Study Different Cultures

When you study cultures, you can find ...

8 Ways to Understand People Better

One way to become a more effective and productive person is to become a better communicator. Excellent communication is key to delivering your message to the world. You can become better at communication by learning to understand people better. This requires that you let go of judgment and learn more about the world.

Withhold Judgment

Every one of us has preconceived notions about different individuals and groups of people. It’s in our DNA and is hard to fight. We know what we know due to being around people who are most like us. When you find that you are going to be ...

7 Ways to Set Up a Successful Atmosphere for Happiness

Happiness refers to the idea of being emotionally satisfied, content, and joyous. The concept of happiness does not come from what you’re experiencing in life though, it happens more from your mind and your thoughts about what you’re experiencing in life. Everyone has challenges in life, but some people can be happier even if it seems like they shouldn’t be.

Get Rid of Clutter  

Studies show that clutter around your home, office, and life can affect your mental state and make it harder for you to feel satisfaction about life. The clutter causes you to lose things, be in a hurry, ...