How to Motivate People

When you want to be a leader, you must develop the ability to motivate others. To encourage others means that you encourage or spur them to act in a certain way, based on their desires and needs. To do this consistently, you need to honestly know what their goals are, what they want, what they need, and precisely what the desired results are as well as their value systems. 

    • Be an Example – People like to copy what they see. If you are positive, energetic, and passionate, they will be too. Whatever emotions and feelings that you want others to experience show them that in you so that they can get behind what you want to accomplish with their own passion.

    • Share Stories – Keep telling your story, your customers’ stories, and the stories that bind you together with your audience. When people see other people being motivated by your words and deeds, they will naturally become more interested too. 

    • Engage Their Imagination – When you tell stories about the ideas you have and make them really picture the impact of what you’re trying to accomplish, it will help them keep going and persevere. 

    • Tug at Their Emotions – Make your people feel something for you, and for the impact you’re trying to achieve. When your audience and your friends or family feel something around you, they’re more likely to be motivated. 

    • Give Them a Challenge – Some people react very well to being challenged in some way. By challenging them to accomplish something, they experience small successes, and they relate that feeling to you and are more likely to feel motivated due to that. 

    • Provide the Resources They Need – If you have a team, or children even, that you want to motivate the vest way to do that is to offer all the tools and resources that re needed to do a good job. 

    • Keep Their Efforts Small – Instead of presenting people with the end goal or result you’re shooting for as things to do, break it down for them so that their efforts are easy to do and small yet successful. 

    • Focus on Impact – When you create plans and actions focused on the impact that you’re looking for, it makes it easier to envision success. If the small steps you take or encourage others to take to make a difference, it’s easier to keep going.

    • Praise All Efforts – People respond best to praise. Experts in child development recommend catching your children being good and trying to praise them at least 100 times a day for actions you want them to take. 

    • Believe in People – Most people really want to do a good job in every aspect of their life. Know that and act accordingly. 

Motivating people really comes down to your own enthusiasm about it. If you are positive and focused, people will follow your lead. When you show people how to act and what to do by your own actions, it makes it super simple for them to take it from there because of your attitude and your guidance.