How Do I Tap into My Creative Mind?

When people think about “creativity,” often they are thinking about typical things we all view as creative such as writing a novel, painting a masterpiece, writing a song, decorating a home or other thing that is seen as artful. However, creativity is much more than art. 

If you want to tap into your creative mind, you’ll need first to accept that you have a creative mind, even if you’re not artistic or musical. Tap into your creative mind with these tips. 

Start a Journal 

Journals are fantastic at helping you analyze any situation so that you can come up with new solutions. There are numerous types of journals you can start. You can do a simple bullet journal using an app on your smart phone, or you can go old school and buy a diary. 

Doodle, Color, and Draw 

Anytime you want to engage your brain creatively to find a solution it will help to use another side of your smartphone. Take some time out of solution planning to doodle, color, or draw. You don’t have to be good at it. It’s not the expertise of the work that is important; it’s changing your focus so that you can clear your mind. 

Get Back to Nature

Another way to clear your mind and become more creative so that you can solve more problems is to get out into nature. Walking in the grass, hiking in a mountain, going to the beach, playing in your back-yard garden are all ways to get back to nature that will open your creative mind.

Take Care of Your Health 

A lot of people know all about self-care, but they forget about their health. They get their hair done, get manicures, maybe a message, but they skip their twice-yearly teeth cleaning and their preventive healthcare screenings. When you are truly taking care of your health, you’re going to stay on top of preventive health care services and adjust their diet and exercise accordingly. It’s hard to be creative if you are not feeling your best.

Move Around More 

Exercise is fabulous for unleashing your creative mind. Ever get stuck on a problem instead of struggling, get up and do some jumping jacks, go to the gym to work out, go to the pool and do some laps. You only need a few minutes to boost your creativity.

Find Time to Have Fun 

All work, and no play, make for a very uncreative mind. Laughter increases happiness, and happiness and high vibrations increase creativity. Play a board game with your kids, go to the mall and play in the game room, go to the park and play frisbee. The more fun and laughter you have in your life the more creative you’ll be. 

Keep Learning for Your Lifetime

Most people stop reading books after they finish school. This is sad and such a waste of your creative mind. Always find the time to focus on learning something new. You can learn about anything you want to discover throughout your life by reading books and even signing up for a class or course. 

Creativity is part of your overall intelligence and encompasses the ability of your mind to see associations that help you solve more problems. When you focus on developing your creativity, engage different parts of your brain than the part you need to use to solve the problem and you’ll clear the way for even more creative solutions to the issues you want to solve.