Ways Analyzing Your Weaknesses Can Make You Stronger

While focusing on your strengths is a great way to get ahead in life, the truth is, analyzing your weaknesses, and then working on them by either improving your skill in that area or finding a way around the issue, can make you a much stronger person. Let’s look at all the ways you can become stronger by analyzing your weaknesses.

More Doors Will Open 

When you reach out to learn more about the areas that you’re weak in, it’s amazing the doors that will start opening as you stretch yourself. For example, if you tend to be late for meetings, this is a weakness that if you acknowledge to yourself and others, you can fix or manipulate in a way that won’t cause as many problems, thus opening more doors for you that you might have missed out on otherwise. 

Overcome Your Fears

Sometimes when you think you’re not good at something, it’s really about a fear that you have. You may be fearful of success and afraid to take the next steps instead of really being unskilled in that area. For example, someone might use a fear of math to prevent them from going to college to become a teacher. The truth is, taking a step back and learning from the beginning can help you overcome that fear and bust through many blocks.

Be Happier with Yourself

When you’re not afraid of saying, “I can improve this,” it makes life a lot easier because you’ll be a lot happier with yourself. Instead of always saying “I can’t” do something you’ll be saying things like “how can” I do it even if I have a skill gap or a knowledge gap? That will make you feel a lot happier with yourself because it really is a big mindset change to accept a weakness so you can overcome it in some way than to avoid it.

Eliminate Imposter Syndrome

Many people suffer from imposter syndrome due to valid gaps in their skills and knowledge that cause them to struggle. If you ever feel like you’re missing something, it will help to reeducate yourself to eliminate that type of thinking. 

Get More Done 

If you allow something to fester because you don’t want to learn how to do it, or you really think you cannot do it, it will only get worse. It helps to realize that even if you identify a weakness that you really can’t learn on your own, you can find someone who can do it. You don’t learn brain surgery if you need to remove a tumor unless you’re a brain surgeon so accepting that you don’t have to do or know everything also helps you get more done because it opens up the possibility of outsourcing to bring in more skill and knowledge to your life.

Build Deeper Relationships 

When you can be yourself, the good, the bad, and the ugly without apology, you simply are able to build deeper relationships. When you ask for help, provide help, and build each other up it makes everything better.

The truth is, by analyzing and acknowledging your weaknesses, you can make yourself a much stronger person because you know you’re not perfect, and it will enable you to be much more authentic. You will be less afraid of asking for help, and because of knowing that there are things you just don’t do well or don’t know enough about, you will surround yourself with people and technology that helps fill in the gaps thus making you even stronger.